VAT Information

If you are located within the EU you will be charged the rate of VAT of your country of delivery. If you are located outside of the EU, you will not be charged VAT.

If the settings on your browser mask your IP address, we may not be able to detect your location, and in this case, all prices will be displayed including German VAT of 19%.

However, when you view your shopping cart, you may enter your country of delivery, and this will then automatically update the price of the products in your cart to reflect your location.

Please note that certain countries outside the EU may apply their own customs clearance charges and VAT charges upon entry. This is not something over which we have control. However, we have tested our delivery partner DHL with many parcels of this type and value to many countries prior to this campaign, and we are confident that they handle entry into these countries quickly, efficiently, and without unfair charges.